Denisse Rodriguez

Retired Chairman of Grupo Huascar Rodríguez

Joined the Board: 2008
Committee: Executive, Fund Raising, Strategic Planning, Finance

Denisse is the former CEO of Cementos Cibao. Since her appointment in early 2010, she lead the company into the completion of their most ambitious expansion yet and achieved record sales year after year before resigning in mid 2014. Her natural ability to excite, energize and inspire a team sets a great example for future Leaders. Denisse was appointed as board member of the Pontifica Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) in late 2014, one of the highest honors in the Dominican Republic.

Gisselle Mendez

Giselle Mendez

CEO of Vimenca S.A.

Joined the Board: 2010
Committee: Strategic Planning

Giselle is the president and CEO of Vimenpaq. Before joining Vimenpaq, she spent several years at Agente de Cambio Remesas Vimenca and led the money exchange table during the company’s most dominant years. In Vimenpaq she leads the way providing the best logistics infrastructure in the country for internet shoppers.


Gregory Grau Pujadas

CEO of CCP Holdings

Joined the Board: 2010
Committee: Credit, Strategic Planning, Audit

Bachelors in Economics and MBA at Universitad de Barcelona. Masters in Construction and Real Estate at Universidad de Arquitectura de Madrid and strategic management in IESE, Universidad de Navarra. Honorary Consul of the Dominican Republic in Tarragona (España). Board member at Banco BDI and President of the Audit Committee.

Luis Ricart

Luis Ricart

Private Consultant in Finance

Joined the Board: 2009
Committee: Credit, Strategic Planning, Audit, Finance

After studying banking and finance in Switzerland, Mr. Ricart worked over 20 years in Scotiabank Canada and other countries, ending his career there as supervisor of South American Operations. Since then, he has been a finance consultant for several businesses in the Caribbean and is a current board member of Banco Vimenca.

Luis Ricart

Victor Jose Pacheco

CSBDO at Lending Point

Joined the Board: 2015
Committee: Credit, Strategic Planning, Audit, Finance

Mr. Víctor José Pacheco is both an accomplished entrepreneur and former EVP of the Vimenca Group. He’s been actively developing companies for the past 13 years across several industries, as well as a seasoned executive with extensive international experience in the payments industry with Western Union and First Data. Mr. Pacheco is credited with developing Data Vimenca in 2004, the DR’s premier call center operating over 1,200 seats under PCI and SOC 2 certifications. In 2011, he co-founded Avance Capital Comercial to introduce Merchant Cash Advance in the Dominican Republic, providing over DOP $1,700 MM in fundings to small business owners. In 2014 he co-founded LendingPoint, a consumer lender based in Atlanta, GA. Targeting the US near prime marketplace, with over USD $270MM in fundings to date. He currently serves as LendingPoint’s Chief Strategic Business Development Officer.