Servicio al cliente Grupo VOPM

Our Culture

Culture is the attitude that we bring with us every single day, the pattern of thinking and acting with the customer in mind naturally. It’s the habit of making decisions harmonized with our main mission. The attitudes and behaviors are what define us: respecting our differences, accomplishing our deadlines, listening to others, keeping promises, calling back and answering our emails as soon as we can, and respecting our meeting hours.

Our success has a lot to do with our attitude as much as with our aptitude, what we carry in our heart not only in our head. Our success depends on the love our members give to each other and towards our customers.

Enthusiasm and love make possible that ordinary people can make extraordinary things. We want our culture to represent that, love and enthusiasm. We want our co-workers to have fun because we understand that Success is not durable when it is not fun. For us fun means enjoying the people we work with, enjoying the positive impact of our work in our customers life and celebrating collective achievements.

VOPM’s 10 Commandments

    • Exceed the expectations of the customer (Provide a WOW service)
    • Push changes and continuous improvement
    • Take responsibility of our actions
    • Be passionate, creative and provide new ideas
    • Chase growth through knowledge
    • Promote a funny work environment. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.
    • Be proactive with sense of urgency
    • Be professional and principled
    • Do more with less
    • Accept criticism with kindness and be Thankful