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Panacrédito / CrediGo

About us

We are a Fintech specialized in providing loan solutions using a car as a guarantee, more than a customer’s credit score or employment status. Our philosophy is based on avoiding bureaucracy and providing our clients with a fast and efficient service to solve their needs through from the comfort of their home or office.


To use technology and people's assets to help them meet their financing needs, regardless of their credit history. / linkeding linkeding


About Us

With more than 11 years of experience, our commitment is to provide reliability, speed, and comfort at each stage of our services. We are the simplest and fastest solution to buy your international health, life, and car insurance.


Help customers to save money and create lifelong relationships, one customer at a time. linkeding


About us

VOPM Skunkworks was founded in 2022 with the aim of being the software development division of the group. Its name was inspired by Lockheed Martin's famous Skunkworks and other companies in the business, engineering, and technical fields that use the designation "Skunkworks" to describe a group within an organization that is given a high degree of autonomy and without bureaucratic hurdles, with the task of working on advanced or secret projects. VOPM Skunkworks aspires to meet the demands of the group, but also of large clients such as governments and large foreign corporations.


Do the impossible, possible, on budget and on time. linkeding